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King's Kids

Every Wednesday

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Everyone welcome, infants through adults!

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King's Kids Enjoy:
  • Safe Environment
  • Trained and Loving Staff
  • Creative and Biblical Lessons
  • Exciting Environment
  • Engaging Activities:
    • Praise and Worship​
    • Skits
    • Bible Truths
    • Teaching Videos
    • Games
    • Huddle Time
    • Bible Drills
    • Treats!!!
King's Kids will Learn:
  • That God Loves Them
  • What His Word Says About Them
  • How He Can Be Trusted
  • And How to Show Love to Others
King's Kids Offers:
  • Age-Appropriate Classes
  • Sound Biblical Teaching
  • Dedicated Staff

Keith Wilson

Children's Pastor



"The world we live in today wants to overload our kids with lies.

King's Kids is a place where they can come to have fun,

develop friendships, and learn

there really is a constant Truth, Jesus Christ."

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